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"Are YOU Independent?" Home Business Articles | July 18 Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping , 2002
While celebrating Independence Day last week, I suddenlybecame very aware of how "independent" I have become theselast few years...- Financially Independent: I no longer rely upon a J.O.B. to provide ...

While celebrating Independence Day last week, I suddenly
became very aware of how "independent" I have become these
last few years...

- Financially Independent: I no longer rely upon a J.O.B.
to provide income for my family. Through my home
business, God has blessed me with the ability to
generate enough money to meet my family's needs and
more. No more working two jobs to get by!

- Physically Independent: I no longer have to commute back
and forth to work nor spend my entire day cooped up in
an office. How I spend my time is my own decision.
While I do choose to work hard, I also choose to play
hard. What a great feeling...to have the CHOICE to spend
my time doing WHAT I want WHEN I want.

- Emotionally Independent: I no longer live with fear in my
life...fear of losing my job (I provide work for myself) Wholesale Jerseys Cheap ,
fear of losing my income (God has shown me that if, the
bottom falls out of my business, I have the ability to
start over and build another income very quickly), of
missing out on important events (I now have the freedom
to choose how I spend my time, and am always able to
engage in the activities I enjoy most) Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , etc.

Why wait until New Year's to make a resolution?

I CHALLENGE YOU to spend this next year building the
foundation for "independence" in YOUR life.


That's the easy part. By building a homebased business.

If you haven't started building your own business by now,
then it's time you got started. And, if you've been
dabbling in a business, it's time you got SERIOUS.

A home business is the ONLY way you will achieve complete
"independence" in life.

Let's celebrate Independence Day TOGETHER in 2003!

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