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Not long ago, my school ushered in a performance to prepare for the extracurricular life of primary school students. In the morning, we heard about this news. The students were both expecting and excited Cheap Cigarettes. My face was filled with such a look. When I thought, what was this performance? Sing or dance? Playing the drums or playing the piano finally reached the last class, that is, I was going to watch the performance immediately. The students came to the playground with great expectations. The performance began, and the host of Shen Caizhen stood on the stage. The first performance was a musical instrumental accompaniment. With a slight accompaniment Marlboro Lights, four big sisters in red costumes began their performance. Their performance was very Wonderful, beautiful with a bit of pleasure. Then there was the male solo "The Dragon's Successor", which sounded loud and steady, and it was beyond the original singer. I really admire her, and the students can't help but follow the rhythm, and then he sang "Red Flag Fluttering" for us, singing so high and lyrical. After listening to his passionate singing Marlboro Red, I thought: It seems that people who sing well on the land of the motherland are not only those stars, but also many "unknown teenagers". Maybe, there are such students among the students around me. Prodigy. Then, I also watched the essays, chorus and guzheng solo. In my opinion, every show is very exciting. Every show is so emotional. After watching, there is a kind of enjoyment. The feeling of a big meal. After watching a series of performances, I can't help but think that they are so powerful. When will I be able to pass this performance like them, we not only know more about literature and art, but also love the art, and this kind of performance makes me I understand the truth - "One minute on the stage, ten years of work under the stage", there must be a hard work behind the success, I believe that in the near future, I will do better!
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