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Dubai has become a social hub and center of different civilizations living together in peace and harmony. It can be said that Dubai has become a melting pot between East and West having textures from all over the globe. Being the biggest Emirate of UAE and the financial capital of all economic activities Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Low UK , Dubai has very rapidly covered a large distance paving ways for new opportunities and setting an example for all other mega cities of the world. Expatriates constitute the major portion of population of Dubai making way for a complex fusion of cultures from East and West.

With such a unique demography, Dubai surely is a unique place to visit with whole lot of different activities in Dubai happening every time of year from EID festivals of Muslims to Christmas festival for Christians and all other religious events from different religions of the world. Although a Muslim country Cheap Nike Air Force 1 UK Online , Dubai has been successful in maintaining a secular and liberal view for its growth and with all the economic and cultural activities in Dubai it is hard to imagine all these are happening in a Arab Muslim country. When stay in Dubai one can easily enjoy all different activities in Dubai happening at any time of year. The principal activities happening every year include celebrations of National day and mega Dubai sales that took place every year. Mega Dubai sale is one of the most famous and luring event in Dubai. Each year thousands of tourists and shopping lovers visit Dubai just to take part in these mega sales in Dubai enjoying luring top brands of items ranging from fashion designs to fabrics, from perfumes to jewelry Cheap Nike Air Force 1 UK Sale , from electrical appliances to latest electronic gadgets from top brands of the world. Being a tax free state, Dubai already ensure cheap shopping experience to tourists visiting Dubai for shopping purpose and to add icing on Sugar Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Shoes UK , these mega sales make Dubai irresistible to shopping lovers from around the world.

With the discovery of oil and gas in nineteenth century, UAE has progressed magnificently and all the credits for this exemplary growth of Dubai and other Emirates of UAE goes to government and local authorities trying hard to make UAE one of the most desirable places on earth and putting all their efforts on paddle working day and night to be able to achieve this dream. Today UAE is one of the most popular travel destination with not only Dubai rather other Emirates being continuously progressing and paving path for future opportunities. Different UAE events are organized by local authorities and private sectors each year for different reasons all of the UAE events weather governmental or private Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Kids UK , the celebrations and degree of celebrations is something that can be matched to any event happening in the most developed part of the world. Many international celebrities are also invited to these events taking place in different parts of UAE and Dubai luring more and more people towards UAE and Dubai in order to set a chance to see their famous international personality live. The lively life of Dubai is something that you can’t forget for a long time and after visiting Dubai once, you can be sure to visit again and again.

An essential step in managing the performance of salespeople is that of establishing a sound and agreed contract between manager and the salesperson. A contract in this context is simply an agreement between the manager and the salesperson as to how best they are going to work together. It is a chance for each party to outline expectations Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Mens UK , hopes and fears and is a superb opportunity for both the manager and salesperson to fully understand each other in terms of personality style, motivators and de-motivators. It is also an opportunity for the manager to ensure that the salesperson fully understands their role and their responsibilities as well as their sales and activity targets.

So Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Womens UK , how does contracting work?

Contracting should start right at the beginning of a manager: salesperson relationship. The manager should meet with the salesperson and each person should have aims in respect to the meeting which are along the following lines:

For the Manager:

? To ensure that the salesperson feels welcomed and part of the team.

? To ensure that the salesperson understands their role and responsibilities.

? To ensure that the salesperson knows what the teamcompany rules and regulations are.

? To ensure that the salesperson knows what their sales and activity targets are and how they are going to be measured.

? To outline the manager's expectations of the salesperson in terms of behaviour, attendance Nike Air Force 1 UK Outlet , personal qualities etc.

? To explain what management style the manager has and what motivates the manager and de-motivates them.

? To understand what motivates and de-motivates the salesperson

? To begin to understand the salesperson's personality styles and preferences.

? To agree what support the manager is going to provide in relation to the salesperson's progress and development.

? To agree a communication process.

For the Salesperson:

? To fully understand how the manager likes to operate.

? To understand exactly what the role requirements are in terms of responsibilities, objectives and measures.

? To understand any administration procedures such as e-mail Nike Air Force 1 UK For sale , expenses etc.

? To know a bit more about the team and culture.

? To understand any team rules, responsibilities and meetings dates.

? To address any hopes and fears that they may have.

? To understand how best the manager is going to support the salesperson.

? What does the salesperson do if they need help?

In reality Wholesale Nike Air Force 1 UK , how many of these aims are actually realised in a first meeting? Chances are that the meeting will be very ?one way? with the manager doing a lot of talking and outlining what is expected of the salesperson both in terms of the company regulations . Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping

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